feldspar production line process system

Feldspar production line is widely used at present. According to the technical requirements of feldspar production line, feldspar production line process system is usually divided into five parts, such as crushing system, grinding system, burning system, transport system and electronic control system.

  1. Feldspar Crushing system: Feldspar raw materials enter into crusher through vibrating feeder, and larger gypsum ore are broken into small particles less than 30mm. According to actual requirements, we can select the corresponding specifications of the crusher, such as jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, mobile crusher etc.
  2. Feldspar Transport system: The crushed feldspar raw materials are transported to the storage silos by the elevator. The storage silos is designed according to material storage time, to en ensure a stable materials supply.
  3. Feldspar Grinding system: Materials are continuously fed into mill machines by the electromagnetic vibrating feeder to grind. The feldspar powders that meeting specifications enter into whirlwind collector, and then become finished products. The finished products fall into screw conveyor, transporting to next system to burn. After grinding system, the material size change to 80~120mesh form 0~30mm, meeting with the needs of gypsum powder fineness.
  4. Feldspar Burning system: The system mainly includes elevator, boiling furnace, electrostatic precipitator, blower and other equipments.
  5. Electronic control system: Electronic control system adopts the current advanced centralized control, DCS control or PLC control, all control components are selected well-known international brands.
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