grinding powder machine types introduction

Common grinding powder(grinding mill) can be classified into ball mill, autogenous mill, end runner mill, vibrating mill and jet mill.

Ball mill (rod mill) : material is in a rotated barrel with grinding medium and in the barrel rotating process, grinding medium and material is elevated to a scale height and cast down, which has more impacting and grinding of grinding medium for material.

grinding powder machine types introduction

Vibrating mill: in a vibrating cylinder body, there is grinding interface and material with a fast vibrating on an approximate elliptic track. The vibrating of cylinder body makes grinding interface and material a suspension situation with a small aerosol propellant impacting, which can grind material under the function of grinding medium and material.

Autogenous mill: when material enters into grinding machine, the lifting plate elevates material to a certain level and fall free, occurring impact function. The mutual friction produces grinding strip function. Simultaneously, different sizes of material will have different function. Big particle size material impacts with wedged lining plate for segregation. So big particle sized material can also distributes uniformly. The coarse material form discharging end is entered into grinding mill with new added material uniformly distributing on the two sides. There are the converse directions of big particle sized material and small particle sized material, which occur the grinding function. Autogenous mill is also called no-medium mill.

Jet mill utilize vapor, air and other gas with some pressure to spray into main machine, which generate high speed eddy current. The material particle in main machine rotates at high speed with airstream, of which process crashing, impacting and grinding occurs.

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