100 TPH hydraulic rock breaker on crawler

Hydraulic rock breaker is basically a machine that is used to crush large object particles into smaller or dust particles. It is widely used in construction material, highway and railway, cement, mining and chemical fields etc.

In order to get high quality products with low cost, we should choose a good hydraulic rock breaker machine. If asking for hydraulic rock breaker as a tool attached to crawler equipment like excavator,  then my suggestions are:

100 TPH hydraulic rock breaker on crawler

1. I have worked with mega rock breakers in Lime stone & gypsum, we could only get an average of 80 to 150 TPH from these tools while breaking in situ materials without blasting.

2. Before selection , please be clear that if you need these breakers for secondary breaking or in- situ breaking.

3. Secondary breaking can give you an out put up to 400 TPH if attached to back hoe with longer arm . This may add to initial cost of equipment but operating cost will be lower due to higher reach on blasted & sorted stone. For secondary breaking , you need to go for heavier breakers & mounting equipment. It will add to the initial cost of equipment. I prefer secondary breaking . This keep the breaking cost lower.

4. Primary breaking in situ is considered when blasting of stone is not possible. It is a costlier option. Breakers in situ can give 80 to 150 tph depending upon the compressive strength of the stone. Same breaker with short boom & short chisels are proffered for in situ breaking.

5. Breakers of LIMING make perform better. However for secondary & light breaking jobs other makes also perform reasonably good.

6. However , I found LIMING as a better choice as far as reliability is concerned, specially with auto lubricator.

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