Introduction of high frequency vibrating fine screen

The high-frequency fine screen is a multi-channel ore feeding and screening equipment divided into three channels (upper, middle, and lower), and each channel can independently complete the ore feeding, screening and ore discharging screening procedures. The sieve surface consists of three layers of sieves with different sieve apertures overlapping together. The screen hole of the uppermost screen is the smallest, which is called the main screen; the screen hole of the second screen is one serial number larger than that of the first screen, and this screen is called the anti-blocking screen; the screen hole diameter of the third screen should be It should be as large as possible to increase the area of ​​the screen hole, but it must maintain sufficient rigidity and strength, and the first and second layers of screen should not be uneven and reduce the service life because the wire diameter is too thick.

What are the advantages of high frequency fine sieve
1. High frequency and small vibration. The amplitude of the conventional sieve is 1mm, and the amplitude of the high-frequency fine sieve is 0.13-0.4mm;
2. High screening efficiency, the total screening efficiency should be 60-70%;
3. The excitation mechanism is simple and the service life is long, and its service life can reach more than 3000H;
4. Good vibration isolation performance;
5. Laminated screen;
6. The effective area of ​​the screen surface is large, and its effective area is 45%;
7. Three-way feeding, the high-frequency fine screen divides the feeding into three feedings at the same time;
8. Low noise, its noise is only 82-84dB;
9. Stable work.

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