jaw crushers types and details

Jaw crusher began to use in industrial production from 1858. Because of its simple structure, reliable work, easy manufacture and maintenance, low cost and so on, jaw crusher is still widely used in beneficiation, construction materials, chemical etc. Jaw crusher can be as coarse crusher and medium crusher to crush hard and medium hard ore, and small jaw crusher can be as fine crusher.

jaw crushers types and details

According to swing characteristics of movable jaw, jaw crushers types has three kinds: simple swing type jaw crusher, complex swing type jaw crusher and comprehensive swing type jaw crusher. At present, the first two jaw crusher have been widely used.

Simple swing type jaw crusher: the movement locus of movable jaw is circular arc, and the top of circular arc is small, the bottom is large. It crushing efficiency is low. But, the eccentric shaft and connecting rod has a smaller force. Therefore, it can be made into large and medium crusher to crush hard ore.

Complex swing type jaw crusher: movable jaw is the connecting rod of crank onnecting rod organization, so its movement locus is ellipse, and the ellipse becomes larger and larger from up to down. Its crushing efficiency is high, so its production efficiency is higher 20%–30% than similar specifications of simple swing type jaw crusher. But the wear between movable jaw and fixed jaw is faster, and the dust and energy consumption is greater. Therefore, it can be made into small and medium crusher to crush medium hard ore.

According to jaw crusher feeding size, jaw crushers types have three kinds: those greater than 600mm is large jaw cruher; 300-600mm is medium jaw crusher, less than 300mm is small jaw crusher.

We have various types of jaw crusher, fixed jaw crusher and mobile jaw crusher, and all adopt the world’s most advanced crushing and manufacturing technology. It is an ideal crushing equipment for hard and strong abrasion material.

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