Kazakhstan coal gangue crusher

The crusher is often classified into jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, hammer crusher, etc. And the coal gangue crusher is one of jaw crusher with the design specially aiming at the coal gangue’s crushing.

The coal gangue crusher adjusting equipment of layout is added to meet different requirement of granularity of layout and to decrease the degree of wear of jaw board. To avoid changing the breakdown parts frequently which stops the manufacture, the hydraulic equipment is also good for security and adjustment. Some jaw crushers directly adopt the hydraulic equipment to drive the moving jaw board to accomplish the crushing of material.

But the coal gangue crusher has the advantage of high output & little noise, with the main application of crushing of coal cinder, slag, shale, gangue in bricks and tiles plant, building material, etc., which solves the problem of how to use the gangue & coal cinder as the adding material & inside bunkers & how to produce standard brick from shale and crushing the air brick of high wet. The benefit that the crushing of coal gangue is as below: manufacturing the air brick without burning, this saves the source of energy.

The coal gangue crusher changes the condition of occupying a mount of land because of piling the coal gangue, which can also decreases the environmental pollution to turn waste into wealth. What’s more, the coal gangue coal has the characteristic of few investment with high profit, which is the new production that National Goods & Materials Environment Department advocates and generalizes vigorously.

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