limestone pulverizer in cement production line

As is known that cement is made up of chalk and clay and after the high-temperature calcinations’ process, the first question is the limestone’s crushing. Liming Heavy Industry experiences many time’s test & reformation and designs all kinds of limestone pulverizer, which is divided into coarse limestone pulverizerand fine limestone pulverizer with the most widely usage so far.

The limestone pulverizer has the deep cavity with long distance crushing at one time, which is good for materials’ crushing. And the granularity can reach 5mm to 1020mm under the crushing pressure of 320Mpa with high out put compared with other similar products. The limestone pulverizer takes the twist moving way of crushing. When the electric motor drives the belt and belt pulley to make the movable  jaw move up and down through eccentric shaft, the movable jaw rises with the increase of intersection angle between wrist plate and movable jaw, which drives the movable jaw board approach the fixed jaw board, while the limestone is extruded, twisted and grinded. When the moving jaw moves down with the decrease of intersection angle between twist board and movable jaw, which leads the moving board leave away from fixed board through the function of draw bar and spring, while the crushed limestone is ejected from the below cavity.

With the continuously moving functioned by electric motor, the grinding & ejecting of limestone pulverizer takes a periodic moving in order to achieve quantity production. Experienced many times’ experiments and improvement, Liming Heavy Industry’s limestone pulverizer changed the way that the hammer crusher must strike the material directly in order to unload the material, it has changed into the running between movable  jaw and fixed jaw with extruding, twisting and grinding in order to form the fine aggregate, while the big material after striking forms self-striking condition. Liming Heavy Industry’s limestone pulverizer adopts the impact resistance material and high-abrasive material in order to save the power consumption. As for the design and manufacturing, Liming Heavy Industry lines the leading level in China.

As one of the competitive products, all kinds of limestone pulverizer are mainly used in the coarse crushing of the crushing line, which can be used alone or matted with other crushing products. Liming Heavy Industry has the most benefits in the cement product line, especially it is used in the limestone crushing even the chalk crushing with the favor and praise of cement customers.

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