list of 100 tpd cement plant machinery in india

Cement plant capacity: 100-200 tpd
Cement plant raw material: Limestone, cement, feldspar, coal, concrete and so on
Cement plant fuel: Natural gas, coal, heavy oil or diesel

Flow chart of cement manufacturing plant 

list of 100 tpd cement plant machinery in india

list of 100 tpd cement plant machinery

1. Quarrying

Extensive quarry drilling and analysis are being undertaken to reduce the variability of the raw material quality. The quality check that starts from the quarry ensures optimization in the utilization of the reserves. Limestone and clay are either scraped or blasted from the quarry and then transported to the crusher.

2. Crushing

The crusher is responsible for the primary size reduction of the quarried materials. Boulders as big as 1 meter are being crushed to material sizes less than 80 mm.

3. Pre-blending

The crushed materials pass through an on-line analyzer to determine the pile composition. A stacker is then used to create different piles of materials and to reduce variation in material beds.

4. Raw grinding and blending

A belt conveyor transports the pre-blended piles into individual bins where a weighing feeder proportions it according to the type of clinker to be produced. The materials are then ground into the desired fineness by the raw mill equipment.

5. Burning and clinker cooling

6. Finish grinding

From the clinker silo, clinker is transferred to the clinker bin. It passes through the weighing feeder, which regulates its flow in proportion with the additive materials. At this stage, gypsum is added to the clinker and then fed to the finish grinding mills. Gypsum serves as a retarder in the too rapid setting or hardening of cement.

7. Packing and distribution

The cement from the cement silos are packed into bags by rotary packers or loaded as bulk and are distributed either by land using forwarder trucks and bulk trucks or by sea using barges or bulk ships.

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