loesche mill for the industrial minerals

Milling, sometimes also known as fine grinding, pulverising or comminution, is the process of reducing materials to a powder of fine or very fine size. It is distinct from crushing or granulation, which involves size reduction to a rock, pebble or grain size. Milling is used to produce a variety of materials which either have end uses themselves or are raw materials or additives used in the manufacture of other products.

Loesche grinding mill is widely used in cement and raw material, clinker, coal, slag and minerals. Loesche mills have been successfully used also in the mining industry and are constantly developing.

loesche mill for the industrial minerals

loesche mill for the industrial minerals advantages

  • Low specific energy consumption
  • Steep product particle size curve
  • Reduced product overgrinding
  • In-bed comminution
  • Selective comminution
  • Higher degree of liberation of the valuable minerals
  • Combining of the crushing and grinding process stages
  • Rapid response to changes in the feed composition
  • Optimisation of throughput through online monitoring
  • The grinding product has a positive effect on the downstream processes
  • Compact design

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