maintenance schedule for jaw crusher

Jaw crusher is a common crushing equipment in construction, mining and other industries. If we make periodic maintenance schedule for jaw crusher, it can reduce jaw crusher machine’s fault, reduce jaw crusher maintenance costs, improve work efficiency and economic benefits.

To ensure jaw crusher work normally, in addition to proper operation, we should make planned jaw crusher maintenance, including routine maintenance checks, minor repair, medium repair and heavy repair.

maintenance schedule for jaw crusher

1. Minor repair of jaw crusher

It mainly includes that check and repair adjusting device, adjust the interval of discharging open, change the worn lining plate. Check transmission part, lubrication system, change lubrication oil etc. Its period is 1~3 months.

2. Medium repair of jaw crusher

In addition to the work of minor repair, it also includes change toggle plate and lining plate, check and repair bearing bush etc. Its period is about 1~2 years.

3. Heavy repair of jaw crusher

In addition to the work of medium repair, it also includes change turning eccentric shaft and jaw mandrel, cast babbitt metal of connecting rod, change or repair worn parts. Its period is about 5 years.

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