manufacturer of vertical coal pulverizer mill

Coal is one of the most important energy, which plays an extremely important role in social and economic development. Steel and cement industries use coal as a fuel for extraction of iron from iron ore and for cement production. Vertical coal pulverizer mill  is an efficient tool for grinding coals into fine powder in coal mining industry.

manufacturer of vertical coal pulverizer mill

Vertical Coal Pulverizer Mill Design

In the power stations, coal mills are of ball and race design or Raymond vertical spindle with rolls and bull rings. These mills are designed to pulverize coal from size 25mm to fineness of 70% through 200 mesh. Hence it is essential to supply coal to mills with correct size and correct quantity by coal feeders. Coal mills have to use extra power when higher size coal is fed to the mill. Similarly correct quantity of primary air needs to be supplied to mill so as to maintain air to coal ratio of 1.8 -2 in mill outlet pipes. For 30MT capacity mill 55 MT of primary air needs to be supplied per hour.

Vertical Coal Pulverizer Mill Features

1. Reduction in coal retention time in coal mill for fine grinding.
2. Increase in velocity through classifier to carry coarse particles to coal pipes causing poor fuel flow balance.
3. Poor flame stability at lower loads.
4. Higher flue gas temperature leaving air pre heater.
5. Increased furnace exit gas temperature as delayed combustion occurs in upper part of furnace.
6. Higher slagging in furnace.
7. Increased wear on coal pipes and coal burners.

manufacturer of vertical coal pulverizer mill

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