New Type S5X Series Circular Vibrating Screen

Product Introduction
S5X series circular vibrating screen adopts the most advanced international design, suitable for heavy, medium and fine screening and other screening operations, this inclination circular vibrating screen is treated primary crushing and secondary crushing materials ideal screening machine It can also be used for screening the final product material, widely used gravel aggregate, metal mining, coal, chemicals, renewable resources, etc., generally applicable to feed ≤200mm, size and grade 2mm ~ 70mm typical sieve minute job.

main feature
1 vibration intensity G-force is a key indicator to measure the performance of the shaker, S5X due to the use of advanced design and manufacturing process, the screening machine with a high G, the screening machine in the same size, the greater processing capacity than conventional equipment, screening more efficient.
2 SV exciter – efficient, reliable, convenient
In order to meet higher performance and application conditions, S5X shaker full range of standard SV super exciter heart, SV1-SV4 four specifications exciter by adjusting the number of weights to meet a variety of different shaker exciting force requirements, interchangeability, versatility, standardization and modular components is very high.
Without any form of screening machine 3 side joints, weld avoid stress caused by cracking problems.
The connection between the box structure is made from steel with 4 sieve all torsional shear type high strength bolts (tensile stress 900Mpa) (tensile stress 300Mpa) high coupling strength than the annular groove rivets, easy to replace, while avoiding the improper caulking the coupling bolt hole extrusion microcracks phenomenon.
5 screen box using finite element dynamic analysis to ensure the strength and weight balanced design, the fatigue stress control in a safe range.
6 screen machines support the use of higher-cost rubber spring, compared with metal springs, it has a long life, corrosion resistance, smooth running, low noise, small impact on the ground and so on.
7 drive coupled with the use of flexible transmission exciter, so that no axial force transmission torque is transmitted, so that the operation of the screening machine more stable.
8 motor through V-belt drive transmission bearing and flexible drive screening machine, compared to the motor through a direct drive or V-belt drive screening machine, to better protect the motor against brute-force attack, while the V-belt life longer. It can also be easily adjusted by changing the rotational speed of the pulley shaker to meet the different blocks of the screening material.
9 The modular design allows users to reduce the types of spare parts, higher general level, while maintaining very little point.
10 400mm long and 25mm thick into the hopper as standard rubber lining, to enhance the effective screening area, rubber lining materials cushion the impact of material and anti-wear effect.
11 standard 5mm transom protection board package, the protective tube beams scouring abrasive materials, extend the life of the screening machine.

The main structure
S5X circular vibrating screen consists of: sieve box, spring support groups, bearing, vibrators, actuators, motors, gear bearings and other components.

working principle
S5X circular vibrating screen is a spring as an elastic support member to block eccentric vibration exciter source, by the eccentric rotation of the exciting force, so that the screen box consequent circumference reciprocating equipment. The material in the sieve surface inclined to do continuous approximate circle bouncing tumbling motion, by repeatedly comparing with mesh smaller than the mesh size of the material through the sieve, sieve size larger than the screen surface materials to complete the screening process .

Technical Parameters





W×L (mm)




















Mesh Size


S5X1230-2 1200×3000 2 18(18-25) 800~900 7-12 11 25-200 2-70
S5X1545-2 1500×4500 2 18(18-25) 800~900 7-12 11 45-380 2-70
S5X1545-3 3 18(18-25) 800~900 7-12 15 45-380 2-70
S5X1845-2 1800×4500 2 18(18-25) 800~900 7-12 15 60-450 2-70
S5X1845-3 3 18(18-25) 800~900 7-12 22 60-450 2-70
S5X1860-2 1800×6000 2 18(18-25) 800~900 7-10 15 75-600 2-70
S5X1860-3 3 18(18-25) 800~900 7-12 30 75-600 2-70
S5X1860-4 4 18(18-25) 800~900 7-12 37 75-600 2-70
S5X2160-2 2100×6000 2 18(18-25) 800~900 7-12 22 85-700 2-70
S5X2160-3 3 18(18-25) 800~900 7-12 30 85-700 2-70
S5X2160-4 4 18(18-25) 800~900 7-11 37 85-700 2-70
S5X2460-2 2400×6000 2 18(18-25) 800~900 7-12 22 100-800 2-70
S5X2460-3 3 18(18-25) 800~900 7-11 30 100-800 2-70
S5X2460-4 4 18(18-25) 800~900 7-10 37 100-800 2-70
S5X2760-2 2700×6000 2 18(18-25) 800~900 7-12 30 120-900 2-70
S5X2760-3 3 18(18-25) 800~900 7-11 37 120-900 2-70
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