PF 1315 series mobile impact crusher advantages overview

 PF 1315  series mobile impact crusher is referred to as the crusher, P for crushers, F represents counterattack, PF counterattack crusher produced particle size of not more than 500 mm, the compressive strength of 350 MPa outstanding performance in the following materials, applicable wide range of areas, nesting particle size can be freely to control, in order to adapt to different production requirements, PF impact crusher also has a variety of broken standard models.

PF1315 impact crusher specifications for the 1320 * 1500 mm, inlet size is 860 * 1520 mm, maximum feed size of 350 mm, can produce 120-250 tons of material per hour, the motor power 180-260 kW, The total weight is 26 tons. The structure of scientific crusher, in order to prevent a slug flying at break, in the above direction of the feed inlet screen fitted chain, fed gob falls grate and small slug fell through the grate slit lower housing, large pieces of material to slide along the screen surface on the rotor, the rotor being fixedly attached to the circumference of a certain height of board hammer, the rotor by the motor through V-belt driven high speed rotation of the rotor falls above gob by plate impact hammer rotating at high speed, after obtaining the kinetic energy of a high speed hit the back plate, and then bounce back and from the counter-board, and with the rotor being thrown material collide in the crushing area until eventually reach qualified broken granularity.
Liming Heavy Industry crusher PF counterattack crusher crushing chamber it is mainly through the broken area of two accomplished broken, one by each impact area impact, after re-entering the second impact zone, the two regions were circulating through broken the eventual crushing size requirements, discharged from the apparatus below the discharge mouth.

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