manual of roller crusher machine

Roller crusher works on fixed and semifixed rolling stone plant or classified mobile crushing equipment. It is usually for making small size aggregate and sand. In building industry, roller crusher is used as secondary crushing (medium crushing and fineness crushing), the coarse crushing processing by jaw crusher without screening. This small sized stone is through two sides roller rotating fixed theory. And then the roller broke the material.

Roller crusher has smooth and groove form (edge angle and tooth form) roller, often smooth roller is the common used roller crusher with its roller diameter should be 15-20 times than feeding material. So when the material is 100 mm, the 1500 mm smooth roller is needed. It is proved that 400-1000 mm roller is the most suitable with material particle size no more than 80 mm. Here the relationship between roller and material diameter is just relying on frication involve the material for crushing into roller in the room of smooth roller.

The disadvantage of smooth roller crusher is ejecting comparative larger flagstone product. On the contrary, the unsmooth roller crusher will add shearing function in groove shape roller and splitting function in tooth shape roller. The groove shape which pincers the stone equals 1.5 -2 times of similar smooth roller, while tooth shape roller can crusher rock of one half, even two thirds of roller diameter.

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