Roller Crusher Safe Work Procedure

The Roller Crusher is a portable processing device. It is designed to process product from a destemmer or sorting table to a secondary sorting system. The following is about roller crusher safe work procedure.

1. Shut off the crusher and lockout the controls before lubricating or performing any maintenance.
2. Do not clean up spilled material while the equipment is in operation.
3. If the crusher becomes jammed, stop the unit, lockout the crusher and manually remove the jammed material.
4. Do not force oversized material farther into crushing chamber. If the roll crusher can not crush a piece of oversized material, stop the crusher and follow the lockout procedure and break up or remove.
5. Do not stand on or above the crusher during operation.
6. Keep all personnel and objects clear of the area between the shear plate and the backup block during operation. If uncrushable material enters the crusher rolls, the shear washer could break causing the shear plate to hit the backup block.

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