South Africa’s McPhiken diamond waste processing project

South Africa’s McPhiken diamond waste processing project

Processed materials: diamond waste

Yield: 30-50t/h

Feeding size: 720mm

Material granularity: 0-5mm, 5-13mm, 13-20mm or 0-40mm

Equipment configuration: Y3S23G93E46Y55B mobile station crusher

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South Africa’s diamond reserves and output are among the highest in the world. The large-scale development and utilization of diamonds has produced a great deal of diamond waste, and the recycling of diamond waste can be turned into a treasure. The project is to use the mobile station to process the diamond waste, and apply the finished products to roads and housing construction.

Since its launch in June 2013, the mobile station crusher has been stable and has a low failure rate. The finished product is very accord with our customers on the road and building construction required high quality ballast, succeeded in mineral development and infrastructure construction, the dawn is just what we need to responsible manufacture

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