The 100T-800T Sand Making production line Construction Industry FAQ

Now the building gravel road and railway construction and sand are basically provided by sand production line, before construction sand are natural sand, with the reduction in demand for natural gravel increase makes gravel resources gradually rendering the situation coupled with a shortage of over-exploitation is likely to cause a certain impact on the environment. This is also the reason for the rapid development of sand making equipment in the short term lies.

Sand production line will be mined sand gravel crushing materials processing, after processing of the sand can be directly applied to the modern construction industry.

Sand production line is composed of  VSI5X Sand making machine and other mineral processing equipment common combination, Sand is sand production line machinery and equipment important for modern industry is doing an important contribution. Between sand production line processing equipment is to work with each other, interlocking chunks of gravel material can be processed into a variety of different types of sand and gravel used in industrial buildings. It can be said sand making equipment in the industry is very important. As a long-term mechanical equipment in sand production line work, especially after a run for a long period of time after some glitches are inevitable, special equipment is made of sand and crusher equipment, their workload relatively large, but the event of a failure, then a direct impact on the progress of sand production line.

Sand equipment including vsi sand making crusher, pcl series sand making crusher for everyday use on the system encountered some failures quick fix, and I hope when users encounter these situations can be resolved promptly.

  1. The sand making equipment in operation should always check sand making equipment in operation any abnormal sound, humidity is normal, machinery and motor has vibration, each bearing temperature is normal, the temperature of the motor is normal and so on.
  2. Under normal circumstances, sand making equipment in the motor is running and there will be no mechanical vibration, each bearing temperature does not exceed the specified temperature range, the range of temperature of the motor will be specified by the manufacturer in the Sand.
  3. The operator also regular checks loader some relevant circumstances. Sand equipment such as whether the tightness of the chain loader consistent whether there card chain, jump chain phenomenon, the chain tightness loader under normal circumstances is consistent, even under full load conditions, the chain tightness is not more than two chain link lengths.
  4. If the loader associated swivel easily fusible plug or after deep-fried piece is damaged, it is absolutely not use wood or other material things instead. And then, for example, the safety device loader tail protection must protect intact.

Sand or crusher in the process of running the network to timely check protection and other safety devices, if found damaged, immediately stop processing to do, after maintenance may continue to be used.

If you have encountered other problems, you can give us a message directly in time!

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