the variety of medium speed coal mill for sale

A pulveriser is a mechanical device for the grinding of many different types of materials.  Grinding mills use one , two or all three of the basic principles of particle size reduction namely impact, attrition and crushing.  With respect to speed these machines may be classified as low speed, medium speed and high speed.
ball tube mills for pulverizing low-grade coal with high-ash content  Bowl mills of slow and medium speed of capacity up to 100 t/hour.  Hammer mills.

Ball & Tube Mill:

The oldest pulverizer design still in frequent use.  25% to 30% of cylinder volume is filled with wear resistant balls of 30 – 60mm.  The cylinder is rotated at a speed of about 20 rpm.  Specific power consumption 22 kWh per Ton.  Suitable for hard coals.  Highly reliable in requires low maintenance.  Bulky and heavy in construction
MW Series Micro Powder Mill:

1. Efficient
Compared with jet mill, mixing grinder and ball mill of same finished product size and motor power, MW Micro-Powder Mill has double capacity and saves 30% energy.
3. High fineness and flexible adjustment
The product size can be adjusted between 325 mesh to 2500 mesh (47-5micron).
2. Long Life of Spare Parts
Forged by special material, the ring and roller can be used for about one year while grinding calcium carbonate.
4. Environmentally friendly
The application of pulse dust collector and muffler greatly reduce dust pollution and noise.
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