Vertical milling machine pulverized coal processing application

Characteristics of pulverized coal particles are made of different sizes, irregularly shaped powder particles composed generally pulverized coal particle diameter range 0-1000um, most of the particles 20-50um; pulverized combustible substances, dangerous goods B fire, dust with explosive, fire point between 300 ℃ ~ 500 ℃, the lower explosive limit concentration 34 g / m ~ 47g / m (average dust particle size: 5μm ~ 10μm). High-temperature dust deposited on the surface (5mm thick) ignition temperature: 225 ℃ ~ 285 ℃, the dust cloud ignition temperature 580 ℃ ~ 610 ℃.

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Coal mining and coal processing steps:
1. dressing, large pieces of material from the crusher as primary crusher.
2. The material after primary crushing, turn-by-crusher or cone crusher for secondary crusher.
3. After the material as well as the secondary  impact  crusher after the transfer of materials have to meet the requirements for grinding mill grinding, substandard materials are wandering around twelve conveyor belt crushing process until there is compliance with the requirements of another vertical mill machines,  They were milled by the vertical mill machine.
4. The final production of the finished material, by the appropriate local party store custody.

China is rich in coal resources, in addition to Shanghai to other provinces and autonomous regions are distributed, but the distribution is very uneven. In northern China Daxinganling – Taihang between Helan Mountain area, geographic scope, including coal resources amount to 100 billion tons more than in Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, in Shaanxi, Ningxia, Gansu, Henan 6 All or most of the provinces, is China’s coal resources concentrated area, which accounts for about 50% of the national resources of coal resources, accounting for over 55% of China’s coal resources of northern regions.
The rapid development of the coal industry to bring enormous economic benefits.

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