1000-1200 tons per hour limestone production line China

Design output: 1000-1200 tons / hour
Production of raw materials: limestone

Host equipment: vibrating feeder ZGC2050, heavy hammer crusher PCZ1820,

pe jaw crusher
shaker 3YKZ3070 * 4 units, 3YKZ3080 * 2 units

Process: Large stone by a vibrating feeder ZGC2050 uniform, continuous sent to a heavy hammer crusher PCZ1820 coarse broken crushed material is transported to a main belt 2 sets 3YKZ30803 Taiwan and sieve sieve Points, out of 4-8 and 2-4 two kinds of finished material, more than 80 of the material is a return to the crusher to crush again, less than 40 of the material with the crushed material together to the next 3YKZ3070 Sieve sieve, sieved after 1-3,1-2,0.5-1 and several finished stone powder
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