Australian government Mining Fiscal Regime for ore mining industry

The Minerals Council of Australia represents the country in both national and international markets for the exploration, mining and processing of minerals. Its member companies contribute more than 85% of the annual mineral production. It promotes public policy and operational practices to achieve a safe, profitable, innovative and environmentally friendly mining industry.

The mining industry of Australia has greatly development recently years, many business man want invest for mining industry machines, such as mining mobile crushing plants, mining stone crushing plants, mining grinding mill machines and beneficiation machines.

Mining industry bring spring for Australian construction heavy industry.

Federal and state governments in Australia have separate roles and responsibilities with regards to resource exploration and development. Mineral resources are owned by the state or territory governments, rather than private individuals.

The Australian government exercises control over resources found offshore, outside the first three nautical miles of the territorial sea.

While the regular administration of resources is carried out by the adjacent state or territory, all resources are owned by the federal government. Several entities work at a national level and provide support and guidance.

Geo-science Australia is responsible for generating geo-scientific information. Its priorities are:

Resource development, including promoting onshore and offshore resources, taking into account the management of groundwater and seafloor biodiversity

To mitigate the impact of earthquakes and support government disaster-response measures.

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