ball mill for dry grinding and wet grinding technology

Dry and wet ball mill is mainly used in cement,refactory,chemical material and fertilizer.It is also used in metal grinding. The products features:the grain size is small,the working efficient is high,and the output is increased greatly.Because the design technology is very special,ball mill grinding capacity has improved greatly, and it can save your maintenance cost.

Then, what are the difference of ball mill for dry grinding and wet grinding technology?

Wet and dry ball mill grinding machine structure is by feeding part, discharging part, turning and driving part (reducer, small drive gear, motor, electric control) and other parts. Wet and dry ball mill  structure differences: dry ball mill outlet is cylindrical-shaped, blower unit. Wet ball mill outlet is trumpet-shaped, built-in screw device to facilitate discharge. Selling most of ball mill wet ball mill on the market, wet ball mill grinding high fineness, dressing better.

Wet ball mill motor driven through reduction gears rotating cylinder , the cylinder body of the broken ore and ball in the cylinder when the rotation by the friction force and the centrifugal force is brought to a certain height liner due to gravity, they have spilled into the falling and falling , impact and grinding the ore in the role gradually crushed. The ore is crushed by discharging part of the discharge tube. Discharge of minerals by spiral classifier in the classification of qualified products, grit feeder to go back through the joint wet grinding ball mill to continue . Feeder evenly continuous feed , ore feeder through the joint into the wet ball mill continuous and uniform , steady flow of material to be ground from the ball mill discharge.

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