Brazil tantalum niobium magnetic equipment ball mill manufacturer

Brazil tantalum niobium magnetic equipment ball mill manufacturer
In nature, niobium, tantalum and titanium, iron, rare earth elements such as symbiosis, often causing nb-ta mineral composition is very complicated, sort is various, the most important minerals are tantalum niobium and titanium acid salt of two kinds of tantalum niobium acid salt.
Around 90% of the world’s niobium is used in the steel industry; In addition, niobium is the most critical superconducting element of the critical temperature and is the most important superconducting material at present. Ta2O5 is 80 percent tantalum

Brazil’s tantalum niobum reserves are very large, and many companies invest in tantalum niobium mining, and of course, the magnetic concentrator ball mill has received a lot of love from customers.
Niobium concentration line:
The raw ore is given to the ball  mill by the electromagnetic vibrator under the bin.
2, after grinding gave high gradient magnetic separator ore material pulp from feed to into, along the feng up the iron yoke cracks through the swivel, magnetic particles adsorbed on the surface of magnetic medium in the pulp, turn by the band to the top without magnetic field area, wash water into a concentrate; Non-magnetic particles flow down the iron yoke into the mixing barrel

3, a concentrate ore material into the magnetic separation, magnetic separation machine (figure 6) concentrate ore concentrate in flotation machine again after magnetic separation flotation, the ore concentrate into shaking table (figure 7) concentrate into the second after the selection, entering a tailings tailings pool.
The tailings of the tailings are entered into secondary concentrates after the magnetic separation of the high gradient magnetic separator, and the tailings are directly into the tailings pond.

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