Buy crusher/mill to enjoy Free Business trip

Business trip, too Far?

Sightseeing tour, too Expensive?

It is all for free now!!!

Buy crusher/mill to enjoy Free Business trip

Preferential policies:

From 1st of August to 31th of December in 2012, all customers are entitled to enjoy:

1. Free tickets to our company from any city in China, and free accommodation;

2. To visit the largest, strongest, most professional and the most technologically advanced production base of stone crusher and grinding mills in China;

3. To visit the Shaolin Temple (the original place of Chinese Kongfu), Longmen Grottos (heaven of sculptures), historical and scenic spots in Kaifeng city (Millennium City Park, Baozheng Monument), etc.

4. Orders placed in this period enjoys favorable discount.

Business trip and Sightseeing tour

Located in a historic city and transportation hub in central China, covering 140 thousand square meters, our production bases are distributed in Zhengzhou and Shanghai, Which is N0.1 in China at present.

Buy crusher/mill to enjoy Free Business trip

Our mechanized equipments are the best, manufacturing technology is the most advanced, and our workers are very excellent. Relying on these, thousands of crushing, screening and grinding machines are manufactured here and exported to many counties.

Buy crusher/mill to enjoy Free Business trip

Shaolin Temple is located in dengfeng, near Zhengzhou City. It has 1500 years’ history and beautiful scenery, which is one of World Cultural Heritage. It is particularly with Shaolin Kung Fu, and is the Mahayana Buddhist monastery perhaps best known to the Western world.

Buy crusher/mill to enjoy Free Business trip

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