Construction waste production line process mobile station crusher

Construction waste production line process mobile station crusher
The construction waste production line process uses different kinds of crushing and screening equipment: including construction waste mobile jaw crusher, vibrating screen, vibration feeder and other special equipment will be broken and sieving construction waste.

Construction waste production line Process principle:
Construction waste in the crusher equipment in the primary jaw crusher, after the sorting of construction waste through a specific iron removal equipment (dry magnetic separator) to remove the iron material contained in the crushed, broken, and even crushing equipment crushing Processing, processing into a certain size of the regeneration of aggregate, and finally used in roadbed stone, cement admixture industry and many other aspects.
According to the application of the production process of the construction waste concrete, waste brick, stone and other processing processing, so as to realize recycling of resources
Mobile station crushers in other industry applications:
Construction waste crusher in addition to crushing the construction waste, you can also crush some other raw materials: coal gangue, shale, slag, cinder, slag, limestone, ore and other 100 kinds of raw materials.

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