No dust construction waste crusher equipment

No dust construction waste crusher equipment
Common construction waste:
New materials of reinforced concrete, abandoned sintered brick, brick, abandoned inside/outside decoration materials (stone chips, ceramics/broken), mortar powder, mortar powder, old steel, wood, glass, plastic, paper, and a variety of packaging materials and so on;

New buildings scattered mortar, concrete, grooving of the waste residue, the building of the damage in the process of building materials, inside/outside decoration leftover material and so on.
Construction waste original crushing screening equipment common dust pollution is serious, the operator in the process of construction waste broken to a full range of sealed armed to near the construction waste disposal site.
Few dust construction waste treatment system adopts new mobile impact crusher, jaw crusher, cone crusher, we will be the global leader in dust suppression system solution into the research and development of k3 mobile crushing station, fixed construction waste crusher, crawler mobile crushing station of a complete set of system, in the inlet and discharging mouth of the construction waste are equipped with advanced dust suppression device.

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