How does mobile jaw crusher adjust the ejection of material

The material outlet of jaw crusher, which is also called ore outlet, can be adjusted according to customers’ requirement to achieve the proper granularity of finished product. So let us give you some advices about this question and brief description that may help you.
Firstly,mobile jaw crusher driving board is also called scale board, apart from the driving forcing which makes the moving board moves front and back, it has the safety insurance effect, which can adjust the outlet by changing the length.

When some uncrushing material such as iron ball, iron waste, etc goes into the cavity of mobile jaw crusher, to prevent from the main parts from damaging, the driving-back force board is taken as the insurance part. Driving-back force is usually made of cast iron into a whole part. A small groove or several holes are opened to decrease the strength of breaking surface. Also it can be casted into two pieces combined with screws into toggle plate. When the unbroken object enters into the cavity with the machine overloading, the huge broken force transfers the power to toggle plate which causes the screw clipped. Then the machine is stopped for a safety function.

This may not be so clear in the instructions. So customers should better learn more knowledge when buying and installing the equipment for a better and steady production.

With the continuous wear and tear of toothed plate, the outlet is becoming larger and the product is frustrated. In order to achieve the standard granularity of product, the size of outlet needs adjust periodically. Two ways are the main methods as follows:

Gasket adjustment is a set of gaskets laid between the cradle and rack. To increase or decrease the number of gaskets can make the definition of adjusting the outlet. This method with compact structure is of reliability adjusting, which is suitable for large and medium type jaw crushers.

Wedge adjustment, of which is laid between backset of toggle plate and rack, especially fit for small type jaw crusher.

Liming Heavy Industry expertise on crusher reminds carefully seeing the instruction and totally comprehending the theory and structure of crusher can make you handle with the maintain and operation easily.

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