New mobile crusher for better and cheaper production

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Nowadays cost reduction in every part of a production plant is a major key to surviving in global as well as in regional markets. Therefore, for quarries it is also necessary to review where money can be saved in order to increase profits and face challenging market prices.

New mobile crusher for better and cheaper production

In order to lower the haulage costs, there are essentially two ways to achieve this aim. The first solution is to buy bigger dump trucks and the second might be to implement conveyor belts.

If you decide for the first solution you have to check if your excavation systems, haul roads, your feed hopper and, if the feed hopper is housed, if the housing fits to the bigger dump trucks. The benefit of this decision is very simple. You can produce the same mass of raw materials with fewer employees, or on the other hand increase the production.

If you decide for the second possibility then you have chosen lower operating costs for transportation and in addition to this, in pit crushing as well. In pit crushing is in fact directly linked to the conveying system, because the blasted material, concerning block size, cannot be conveyed without preparation. The key to cost reduction is an in pit crushing system (IPCS), a combination of track mounted mobile crusher, with mobile and fixed conveyor belts. In the following the authors will just refer to the IPCS, due to the fact that this is the only continuous solution known for quarries. These solutions can work as well in other fields of application, e.g. civil engineering, recycling, tunnelling and many more.

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