processing instruction of mobile crushing plant

In the mobile crushing plant manufacturing and processing period, only mobile crushing plant production operation with sufficient knowledge and recognition about the equipment can have a better output. We has designed the new concept of mobile crushing plant instead of the traditional crushing equipment in a whole unit. With this situation, many customers will possibly have a misunderstanding area in case of unnecessary damaging, which causes a lower efficient of production. This is the processing instruction for mobile crushing plant technical staff:

  1. Only after the mobile crushing plant is working in a stable state, material can be put into for production.
  2. The material for crushing must be put uniformly into the crushing cavity instead of putting in side direction or piling full, which can avoid the situation that mobile crushing plant will hold the stress on one side or be overload.
  3. Before the mobile crushing plant ends work, stop adding the material into the cavity, after the material in the cavity has been removed totally, the power can be shut down. This avoids the phenomenon of blocking in crushing cavity.
  4. When the mobile crushing plant is working, there are too much materials in the crushing cavity that caused the stop of machine, the electrical power should be closed down immediately, then clearing the material, after it is well cleared, the mobile crushing plant can begin again to work.
  5. After a while of using, the maintenance and repair should be on time and checking every parts stability.
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