sand making machine user manual

Sand Making Machine is a newly researched equipment, with international advanced level. Technology and modern processing equipment make it a leading role in this industry. Through years’ experience, our engineers collect some suggestions about sand making machine operation. The following is the sand making machine user manual.

sand making machine user manual

(1) Before running the sand making machine, check if the observation door is closed firmly, so as to avoid the materials flow out of the machine and leads to damage.

(2) Check the impeller rotation direction. The impeller should rotate in anticlockwise direction, otherwise should adjust the motor connection line.

(3) The start-up order of machine and conveying equipment is: materials discharging-crushing-materials supply. The machine must start in empty load, until the normal operation, supply the materials. The order of stopping is against the order of starting.

(4) The input size should be strictly according to the stipulated requirement, the larger materials is prohibited into the machine. Otherwise, this will cause the imbalance of the impeller and make the impeller over worn, even block the impeller flow way and its central input pipe. When larger materials found in the impeller, should be removed timely.

(5) The supplied materials should even and continuous. During the equipment operation, we have to sever vibration and abnormal noise, Otherwise, should stop the machine to check.

(6) Before the sand making machine stops work, should firstly stop feeding, otherwise, this will destroy the impeller, and damage the motor.

(7) The lubrication is oil lubrication style, which is adopting L-CKC 320 industrial gear compound. The oil temperature need to be no more than 85℃。

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