Vertical Mill Improve Utilization of Steel Slag Recycling

Steel industry is pillar estate concerned with national welfare and the people’s livelihood, which is one of the industry discharging solid waste the most. Slag is the emission of solid waste in the process of steelmaking. Also it is the oxide after each metal element is oxidation such as limestone, dolomite, iron ore, silica, etc.

The emission of slag is 15%-20% of steel productivity. But there is little full utilization of steel slag. Also slag will occupy more farmland, break the ecology balance, waste the pollution. The proper utilization and recycling of steel slag is an important sign for modern advanced steel industry, it is also an kernel procedure to solve the problem of lacking steel as well as lowering investment cost and increasing economy effect. So it become a significant research project.

LM series vertical mill adopts reasonable structural design, equipping with advanced processing flow, combining fine crushing, drying, powder grinding, powder selecting and conveyor as a whole integral, especially in steel slag processing craft, which has a range of advantages. LM vertical mill adopt the theory of material layer grinding, which is of low cost, low consumption with high efficiency. The slag only stay for 2 or 3 minutes in the mill cavity, whose time is one tenth to one fifth of ball mill. So it can measure and adjust the chemical component and fineness of material, even the granularity of material. What’s more, vertical mill adopt full sealing system without blowing dust under negative pressure.

According to grinding mill equipment of our company, vertical mill, trapezium mill, Raymond mill can be adopted. Or trapezium plus ultrafine mill, Raymond mill plus micro powder mill can be used together. Manufacturing company can make a suitable craft and size in accordance with one year’s steel slag emission to ensure the supplement even considering the surrounding market’s requirement of steel slag.

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