vertical mill used for processing fly ash

With the development of science and technology, we are consuming more and more natural resources, then producing more and more waste. Solid waste includes industrial, agricultural and urban waste. Most wastes can be directly or indirectly used as building materials, to save natural resources and reduce environmental pollution. Fly ash is one of available wastes.

Fly ash is a kind of industrial waste that fire power plant discharged, and has more active monox, active aluminum oxide, which can make chemical reaction with calcium hydroxide at normal temperature to, producing hydration calcium silicate and calcium aluminate, these composition will help to make mixture harden to increase strength. In addition, fly ash is consisted of two mineral: one is vitreous body, about 70% to 80%; the other is acicula, about 15% to 20%. These spherical particles are the main reason of improving mixture workability. Highway engineering adopts fly ash to build roads. It not only reduces pollution, but also resolve the problems of lacking material, and improve the quality of the road, so fly ash is widely used.

In using fly ash process, the fineness of fly ash has a certain effect on the strength of fly ash. The fly ash fineness is thinner, strength is higher. So when processing fly ash, you should select high fineness and high-performance mill. We increases R & D and production strength, combined with years of equipment requirements of milling machine market, and the features of fly ash, launched LM Series Vertical Mill. Since LM Series Vertical Mill entering into mill market, good milling performance won strong recognition of many customers.

LM Series Vertical Mill adopts reasonable and reliable design, with advanced technological process, integrated with drying, grinding, classifying, elevating, especially in the large grinding process, it can fully meet customers’ requirements. In the grinding operation, Vertical Mill has the features of high efficiency, low wear, low cost, easy operation, reliable quality, low noise etc.

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